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Values that are not specific models of a product or a range of models. Names of manufacturers, stores, or dealerships. Model year, specs, price, condition, or other descriptions.


Values that are not sub-regions or districts within a city. Names of cities, countries, or apartment buildings. Values that are not specific offerings of a service provider, meaning services performed in exchange for money. Values that are not names of performances or actual TV shows. Information regarding the show, time, or description of a show or venue.

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Values that are not variations of a fairly specific category. For example, "cocktail" and "strapless" are styles of dresses, but "dresses" itself is a category and should not be submitted as a style.

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Values that are not variations of a product category. The following AdWords policies are especially relevant to structured snippets and are often associated with disapprovals. Learn about what happens if you violate our policies. You're viewing our Advertising Policies.

Structured finance

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  • Upcoming and recent changes Past changes. Structured snippet requirements Structured snippets allow advertisers to describe features of a specific product or describe the range of products or services their business offers.

    Structured snippets are subject to the standard Google Ads policies and the requirements below. Learn how to fix a disapproved ad or extension.

    Entering more than one item in each value Examples : Adding a comma-separated list into one value field, putting two related items in one value field Note : Add a new value field for every item you want to include in the extension. Ed, BS. Values that are not courses of study at online or traditional educational institutions Course duration or other additional information about the course Examples Allowed Not allowed Degree programs: Accounting, Biology, Psychology Degree programs: 2 year, 4 year, masters, associates. Switch to new thesaurus.

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    References in periodicals archive? Law firm introduces some structure to its operations. One way to foster that engagement is through structured dialogue. Structured dialogue between physicians and administrators yields positive results.

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    Putting an ethical frame on problem solving. In short, I structured this lesson according to a precise musical goal that was approached by two contrasting, yet complementary, exercises: one emphasizing movement in physical space, the other, movement in creative space. Teaching music with structure. There are numerous types of legal entities in which asset ownership can be structured , including trusts, corporations, limited-liability companies, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited-liability partnerships and other more esoteric vehicles.

    Structuring asset ownership in the global economy: financial executives may be able to boost returns on investments and pare risk by moving assets out of one jurisdiction and into another.

    What are Structured notes?

    But it's a complex area that needs to be fully explored, both in terms of legal entities and locations. Watson unveiled the structure of DNA in , they rocked the fledgling field of molecular biology again with a bold notion: Viruses are, in part, structured as crystals are. Armor-plated puzzle: deciphering the code of viral geometry.

    The notes can be structured as money market securities with a put maturing within 13 months.